A place for us: ALTRADIMORA

Since 2009 there is a special place in the southern Piedmont, in the hills, 8 km from Acqui Terme. It is called Altradimora.


It’s a house project and workshop open to those who works for the desired change designed by Monica Lanfranco, feminist, journalist, writer and educator on gender equality and conflict. (

Here we try to built and offer moments of community with optical feminist, (also open to men chosen). The place has a name that evokes the warmth (jokingly we say that our way is the friendly, and culinary, to feminism).

Altradimora is a place where you can stop for a day, or several days, where you can also stay just to rest, go to the spa, offer a seminar and participate in meetings of feminist knowledge, workshops taking place every September since 2009, the first weekend, (often also in June).

But Altradimora is primarily a place for encounters, meetings, seminars, events, trying to recover the spirit of sharing and self-management was lost and in vogue in the ’70s, proposing topics for study and discussion with a gender perspective.

At Altradimora you can participate in a group training on conflict management, on women’s writing, on the history of feminist movements, yoga, vegetarian cooking.

Since 2009 they were crossed in the residential workshops of Officine various topics, including the solidarity economy, the history of women, non-violence, reproductive choices and the end of life, the teaching, the relationship between mothers and daughters, sexuality.

Capacity: in winter about 18 people to sleep in the main house in rooms with bathroom, large living room to get together and work; in summer in the main house about 20/22 people and about other 15 people in a loft near a main horse. In that dependance there are large spaces for workshop, theater, dance and music.

There are also space for tends, two for four people available.

Since 2009, the feminist magazine Marea has organized nine seminars of three days each to Altradimora, hosting about 30 to 50 participants on these topics: in 2009 The body unruly: self-determination in the choices of life and end of life; in 2010 Relationships and conflicts between generations of women; in 2011 All about my mother-lights and shadows of being daughters, mothers and non-mothers, in June 2012 in Take the Money and Run: money, power, gift, gratuity and in September History of Women, in 2013 Politics: feminine word, in 2014 Nonviolence and feminism, in 2015 In June Ma School and education: how to transmit the knowledge and in September What freedom in my pleasure: sex, eros, desire.

Some of the expertise in the seminars were Lidia Menapace, partisan, Erminia Emprin Gilardini, Giancarla Codrignani and Laura Cima, parliamentarians, Rosangela Pesenti, writer and therapist, Mina Welby, radical activist, Beatrice Monroy, writer and storyteller, and theater groups L’una e l’altra (Trieste), Interezza (Turin) and Stegatti (Alexandria).

At the site of Marea and all programs are available.

On all these occasions they were recorded actions and put on line on and then made special issues of the magazine.

On 2015 the proposed Altradimora open, that wants to be the first Italian proposal of free cultural sharing for artists, craftswomen and feminists intellectual (including men) looking for a place to create (info here).